Team Building : Nautical Rally

Team building event par excellence, embark at our side for a nautical rally signed Black Tenders Events! Join the useful with the pleasant and challenge your employees, customers or guests in an unusual team building event.

Our nautical scenarios take you from one clue to the next through the most beautiful destinations of the French Riviera. Open to everyone, this animation is customized to meet your needs: the number of questions varies according to your timing, they can also relate to your company or the brand you represent.

Our nautical rallies are available on different essential themes depending on your location. Ideal half-day activity, our black tenders can accommodate up to 12 participants per boat.

There’s a lot of you? That’s great, we have a network of handpicked partners and welcome groups of up to 180 participants spread over 15 boats at each rally. Ready, set … Go ! Professionals Black tenders events

Team Building : Sailing Regatta

At Black Tenders Events, we are powered, but also sailing! There are many members of the Black Team to regate in a private life and we share with pleasure our passion with companies looking for a seminar activity. From the main ports of the French Riviera, Black Tenders Events welcomes groups up to 200 people for a team building activity that goes beyond the beaten paths. Cast off on your 15m race sailboat guided by our experienced skippers, sail on board to the finish line for a moment of nautical discovery and team cohesion that will leave a lasting impression. Welcome on board !

Movie recording & photo shootings

A déjà vu impression ? Once the boats of bad guys and then the good boats, our Black Tenders already have a certain audience on TV and cinema screens.
At the theatre, we take on the role of pursuit boat in “Le Transporteur” or lifeboat in “”. Our black tenders are also asked behind the camera for the film’s set-up in “50 shades of Grey” with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, “Le Chant du Loup” with Omar Sy or “Kiss and Kill” by Ashton Kutcher. You will have the pleasure of meeting us this summer in the next film with Jean Réno “Bronx”.
You have also seen our Black Tenders in the French TF1 series “Alice Nevers, le juge es tune femme” or “Section de recherches”.

On a completely different note, we even led the characters from Hotel Transylvania 3 to the Cannes Festival red carpet for the world premiere. Our captains are now both excellent pilots and professionals accustomed to the constraints of filming and the needs of directors. On the glossy papers side, our Black Tenders are acclaimed by the different haute couture and jewelry brands for photo shoots of new collections or the transfer of influencers. Our Black Tenders are modular boats that meet all your needs. The removable seats will make room for your filming equipment, the airstrip for drones or will accommodate photographers closest to the action. Silence… action !

Assistance & towing

Black Tenders and its local captains count more miles at sea than kilometers by car on land every year. Our boats have been tailor-made by Narwhal to meet our main requirement: the professional transport of passengers in complete safety regardless the weather conditions.
The reliability of our equipment and our experienced team are recognized by insurance companies which also use our services for towing boats needing assistance all over the French Riviera. Black tenders sail all year round for quick intervention in between Monaco and Saint Tropez. Professionals Black tenders events