Policy CSR


We’ve heard you, and it’s true that we should have posted it a long time ago. The marine environment has always been our playground, and we haven’t waited for it to be called a “CSR policy” or for it to be part of the trendy before adopting good practices, thinking of tomorrow, of our children and of others, when we see the sea every day and realize how important it is to change things.


A hydrodynamic hull consumes less fuel; our vessels have been factory-customized to our needs and specifically designed to be efficient and safe for the sea conditions in our region. The boats are also taken out on a weekly basis to keep the hulls clean and reduce resistance.

The weight of each straddle-seat boat is optimized without “superfluous furniture”, the aim being to leave as much living space on board as possible for passengers and to lighten the boat to consume less. This means that 300 hp engines are sufficient, for an average fuel consumption of 30l/h.

Our engines are recent and renewed every 2 years, to benefit from the latest technologies and improvements from the manufacturers, both in terms of fuel consumption and noise reduction. For the same reasons, Black Tenders uses the latest-generation propellers, kept in perfect condition.

Black Tenders imposes on its captains an eco-driving policy of reduced speed during convoys and a maximum speed capped well below the boat’s capacity with passengers on board, for both safety and fuel efficiency.


Black Tenders is first and foremost the story of local professionals, passionate about doing things right. The Black Tenders team is made up of locals whose main concern is to ensure that future generations will still be able to discover the jewels of the Côte d’Azur.

Our boats are moored at the Port du Béal in Cannes la Bocca, a central location between Monaco and St Tropez, enabling us to provide a local service within an hour’s sailing of our home port.

You won’t find a service offering you the chance to visit the marine sanctuary to observe dolphins & cetaceans. By definition, a sanctuary is a place of tranquility for endangered animals, where humans have no place.

Finally, in 2024 Black Tenders announced an exclusive partnership with the Pépite Mandelieu restaurant to supply our boats with food. Pépite Mandelieu owns its own farm in the hinterland and prepares our home-cooked food options, in the spirit of short circuits and seasonal local produce.


Our captains are instructed to change their itinerary regularly to limit the impact of our passage on natural areas, whether protected or not, and to collect any floating garbage they come across at sea. During our outings, the captains always have a word to say to their passengers.

On board our Black Tenders, our drinks are offered in large format and served individually in reusable cups made of biodegradable bioplastic from seaweed washed up on Bretagne (french West Coast) beaches. A beautiful concept 100% Made In France.

Every drop counts. Between 2022 and 2023, we will have reduced our freshwater consumption by 30%. Seats are cleaned by hand and bucket between trips, inflatable parts are wiped down with chamois leather, and the rest of the boat is now washed only when necessary.

Cleaning is carried out with a high-pressure washer for greater efficiency and less water.

The outside tap at our water sports center has been removed, as it was mainly used, unbeknownst to us, by passers-by leaving the nearby beach. The same applies to the pontoon tap, which is now locked.

Black Tenders gives new generations a chance every season, in close collaboration with Nice’s INSEIT, a benchmark institution in captain training for many years.

In 2023, two work-study students also joined our sales team in the office.

Speaking of new generations, Black Tenders is a partner of local schools, and has been offering boating awareness days for elementary school children, in line with the school curriculum, for several years now. New view of the new regulations, we are waiting for our Pass Culture/Adage accreditation to continue in this direction.

In 2024, Black Tenders is committed to the French Red Cross Actions will be carried out in partnership with the Mandelieu branch according to their needs.


In 2024, Black Tenders joins the European First Mile program for the next three years. Based on consumer behavioral research, and accompanied by experts, this project aims to revise our internal & external organization for sustainable optimization of our services.

In 2024, Black Tenders is aiming to obtain the Qualité Tourisme label, which assesses, among other things, the sustainability of our practices and the quality of our services.

We need to improve waste management. On board our boats, sorting solutions will soon be available. Although we imposed selective sorting at our water sports center a long time ago, in high season we are faced with an influx of outside waste disrespectfully deposited by users of the public beach next door, as the garbage cans have been removed from the beaches.

Unfortunately, there is no technologically more sustainable alternative for our activities today. Electric solutions are unreliable, with numerous accidents involving battery explosions in salt water, not to mention the weight of the batteries, which penalizes the ship.

We’re also keeping an eye on developments in biofuels, which could soon revolutionize the market, bearing in mind that our current fuel is already made up of a small proportion of biofuel.

You can count on us to keep up the good work. Translation made by Deepl.

Black Tenders Team