The nautical rally of the Domaine La Figuière

Rally de la Figuiere Taxi Boat

On 31th March this year, at La Londe Les Maures, took place a nautical rally for the Domaine La Figuière.

After an early morning departure for the Black Tenders Events Team, our three mermaids have been dropped off on the beach La Galère, in front of the Fort de Brégançon, in order to prepare the kermesse. The captains, for their part, sailed to the point of embarkation of the participants.

With several teams divided on our tenders, the group threw itself into a race against time. This treasure hunt is intuitive, cerebral and requires general knowledge just as good team cohesion. With a team of 12 people maximum, each tenders has in its possession a seabook with a predefined theme or about one of the topics of your company.

Watch the video of this event :

Flagship activity of seminars, incentives and even groups of friends, the nautical rally is a true human adventure!